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Académie Linguistique Internationale (A.L.I.) / ALI-The Montreal Language Academy (CDN-011)

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Académie Linguistique Internationale (A.L.I.) / ALI-The Montreal Language Academy (CDN-011)


1425 Rene Levesque West, Blvd, Suite 800, H3G 1T7 Montreal
Land und Region:

Kanada, Quebec


> 1.000.000

Lage der Stadt:




allgemein; Fachsprache



angebotene Gruppengrößen:

Einzelunterricht; > 12

max. Gruppengröße Standardkurs (Sommer):

16 (16)

Durchschnittsgröße Standardkurs:


Dauer einer Gruppenstunde (Einzelstunde):

60 (60) in Minuten

Prozentualer Anteil deutschsprachiger Studenten:

2 %

Mindestalter Erwachsenenkurse:


Services der Schule:

Alle Lehrer sind Muttersprachler:


maximale Schülerzahl:


Prüfungsvorbereitung auf:

Englisch - IELTS, Englisch - TOEFL, Englisch - TOEIC, Französisch - DELF

Mitglied im Verband:


touristische Informationen:


Über die Schule:

Académie Linguistique Internationale is a private language school for Canadian and international students. Through 10 years of experience, A.L.I. has developed a communicative teaching method that combines classroom instruction with activities and excursions to favorite local attractions.

L’Académie Linguistique Internationale is a private language school located in the heart of Montréal one of Canada’s oldest and most vibrant cities. At l’Académie Linguistique we view second language acquisition as a passport to other cultures and an opportunity to acquire skills of lasting professional and personal value.

We offer courses adapted to your needs taking into account your previous experience with the language as well as your personal goals and professional objectives. Our interactive teaching method and conversational approach encourages active participation of all students in the classes they take ensuring ample opportunity to practice new vocabulary and grammar. All of our instructors teach in their native languages and possess university degrees qualifying them to teach a second language to adult learners.

ALI is an international language school with an excellent reputation for providing quality English and French language training to a clientele of Canadian/international students and professionals. ALI has high academic standards. All students are expected to have a mature attitude participate in class and complete all assignments. All students receive a lot of individual attention and support. Qualified teachers closely monitor your progress and participation so that you reach your goals as quickly as possible. From Beginners to High Advanced our 6 linguistic levels guarantee that you will find a challenging program at ALI.

Study With Canadians
Because ALI provides language training to both Canadian and international students this is one of the only language schools in Canada where you will have a chance to study with Canadians learn about the culture and make Canadian friends.

Select The Right Course For You
ALI offers a variety of French and English programs including group lessons private lessons TOEFL and TOEIC preparation as well as customized business courses for professionals.

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